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Breast Augmentation with Fat Grafting Los Angeles, CA

Breast Augmentation with Fat Grafting Procedure Information

For several decades, breast implants were the only really viable mode of breast augmentation in the US. Fat grafting has gained popularity in the last decade, largely through the efforts and advancements made in breast reconstruction following mastectomy. Particularly in implant reconstruction, the use of fat transfer has added fullness, improved symmetry, and improved visible rippling known to occur with implant reconstruction alone.

More recently, fat grafting has exploded in popularity primarily through buttock augmentation (Brazilian buttlift) and for facial volume enhancement. Dr. Hughes uses fat grafting techniques to augment calves, breasts, hips, traumatic defects, and previous liposuction defects.

Breast fat transfer is a great tool to balance breasts, improve symmetry, and gain up to one cup size in volume. The fat transfer volumes to each breast may range from 150 cc to 300 cc in most cases. About 50% of the fat survives, on average. Most patients will require more than one session of fat grafting to achieve the best results.

In general, Dr. Hughes advises patients who want more than one cup size that breast augmentation with implants remains the most reliable method currently available.

Breast fat grafting has the decided advantage of utilizing your own tissue and avoiding all of the implant related complications including rupture and capsular contracture.

The main complications of fat grafting to the breasts would include fat necrosis, wherein the fat injected can die and leave a hardened piece of tissue, which may need to be removed. Most of the time these areas will soften and improve without need for intervention. The fat grafting can cause calfications, which may complicate mammogram interpretation. Finally, only 50% of the fat survives, and multiple operations are usually necessary to obtain a stable, long term result.

Please see some of Dr. Hughes breast fat grafting results in the breast fat grafting galleries.

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