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BodyTite/FaceTite – FDA approved for Skin Laxity (40% skin contraction – #1)
Votiva – #1 noninvasive, pain-free FDA approved for vaginal laxity, dryness, stress incontinence (compare Thermiva)
Body Fx – FDA approved for fat reduction and cellulite reduction (compare Coolsculpting/Cellfina)
Fractora – #1 FDA approved for wrinkles and acne scarring (greater results, less downtime)
PRP (platelet rich plasma) – for hair loss and skin rejuvenation

Male Eyelid Surgery Los Angeles, CA

At Hughes Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, Dr. Kenneth Hughes, MD has a multitude of techniques to address your aging eyes with a variety of upper and lower blepharoplasties (eyelid surgeries).

Upper and lower eyelid droopiness, fat bulging, and wrinkling are frequently the first signs of facial aging. Dr. Hughes can perform correction of the both eyelids (blepharoplasties) together or separately depending upon patient preference and needs. These are frequently performed in conjunction with face and neck lift and/or brow lift to improve the entire face. Upper and lower eyelids can be performed on an outpatient basis in less than one hour.

The upper and lower eyelid surgeries remove excess skin and fat that may have developed as a result of heredity or during the aging process. The scars are hidden in natural skin crease for the upper eyelid procedure. The scars are hidden in the shadow of the lash line for the lower eyelid procedure. Upon scar maturation, the scars are virtually undetectable.

The recovery process is short for the eyelid procedures (blepharoplasties), including a few days of minor bruising and swelling with return to work shortly therafter. The results of eyelid surgery frequently last for a decade or more.

Frequently, the eyelid surgeries produce nice, age defying results without any complications. Those with poor eyelid tone may need additional suture techniques called canthoplasties or canthopexies to tighten the lower eyelid. These people are also at greater risk for lid malposition, ectropion (or lid eversion), and dry eye symptoms. Dr. Hughes will discuss with you the risk category into which you fall.

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