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Pectoral Implants Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Hughes has been a natural bodybuilder for over 20 years, and he sees many patients who want to improve a lagging body part. Pectoral and calf augmentation are the two of the most popular augmentation procedures performed in patients.

Pectoral implants come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and volumes and can be altered to create almost any effect. The volumes can range widely but most males choose 200 cc to 300 cc or so of added volume. The implants are composed of a cohesive silicone gel. The gel can be shaped on the operating room table to create the contours the patient has requested. In addition, the implants can be tailored to fit exactly the pectoralis major muscle and chest wall dimensions.

Dr. Hughes can place these implants through several incision choices, but the axillary placement in the male allows for the inferior insertions of the pectoralis major muscle to remain intact. The incision is also well hidden in the hair bearing area of the armpit.

The procedure usually takes 1 to 2 hours depending upon complexity and the patient should typically avoid strenuous activity for about 6 weeks.
Dr. Hughes an also perform pectoral etching to improve the chest contours as well.

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