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Case #2352

Surgeries performed by award winning Los Angeles plastic surgeon, Dr. Kenneth Hughes

Case #2352

This Latina (Hispanic) patient came to the office just wanting the hump removed. Dr. Hughes in Los Angeles always honors patient requests and only does what the patient requests. However, Dr. Hughes always spends a great deal of time determining what a patient may want or what may bother a patient based upon the new balance that a nose achieves after one part is changed. Upon further discussion, the patient also did not like the width of the tip. A plan was made to perform closed rhinoplasty with tip refinement, tip elevation, dorsal hump removal, and bridge narrowing. This plan took into account both nasal balance and facial balance. The plan was executed perfectly and the after pictures demonstrate the improvement.

Postoperative Photos taken at 3 WEEKS.

This demonstrates both the power of the closed rhinoplasty to transform the nose while remain as natural as possible.

In addition, the results are observed much sooner than with open rhinoplasty approaches.