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Dr. Kenneth Hughes Back on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram are utilized by many plastic surgeons to help promote their businesses. Many plastic surgeons spend small fortunes to gain the attention of the prospective patients.

For almost a year, Facebook and Instagram saw fit to restrict Dr. Kenneth Hughes‘s profile and prevented him from inviting people and potential patients to like his page. This was purportedly for posting inappropriate content. How absurd. Dr. Kenneth Hughes posted before and after photos on Instagram and Facebook and has been repeatedly restricted despite adhering to the many requirements. Unfortunately for prospective patients, they will have to see before and after photos on his website. What a world in which we live where a plastic surgeon posting before and after pictures to educate patients is squelched, but pornography and similar activities seem to be embraced.

So if patients are wondering why Dr. Kenneth Hughes is posting Bible verses and reviews on Facebook and Instagram, you now have the answer. These hurdles and obstacles put forth by competitors and saboteurs will never quell the talent and the abundance of talent, intellect, and skill embodied by Dr. Kenneth Hughes, Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon.

Dr. Kenneth Hughes has performed thousands of procedures in the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills areas. Dr. Kenneth Hughes is a specialist in liposuction and liposuction revision, Brazilian buttlift or BBL revisions, tummy tuck, bodytite and facetite, and mommy makeovers.

Dr. Kenneth Hughes has posted many a great deal of information on his Facebook pages as he has on all of his various web sites and blogs. You can visit Dr. Kenneth Hughes Facebook page or Dr. Kenneth Benjamin Hughes Facebook page. Dr. Kenneth Hughes is also on Instagram on his two separate accounts of Dr. Ken Hughes Instagram and Dr. Kenneth Benjamin Hughes Instagram. Dr. Kenneth Hughes has repeatedly been selected as best plastic surgeon in Los Angeles by Top Rated, Caredash, Wimgo, Kevin’s Best, and Best Plastic Surgeon Reviews. These are all sites that are independent and are not paid for endorsements.