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Face and Neck Lift Article 10

Secondary Facelifts

Secondary facelifts are those facelifts in patients who have had plastic surgery performed before. These are usually more difficult and should be done by plastic surgeons who have done more facelifts in the past. Dr. Hughes has performed hundreds of face lifts, and he has the experience and technical knowhow to help in these more complicated cases. Dr. Hughes performs a lot of secondary and tertiary facelifts for patients who may have not been happy by a previous surgery or in patients who want a little better result as the face continues to age. No facelift is forever, and revisions after 5 to 7 years are the norm.

In the secondary facelifts, Dr. Hughes addresses the same issues as primary facelift such as nasolabial folds, labiomental folds, cheek ptosis, infraorbital hollowing, malar flattening, jowl laxity, subplatysmal fat accumulation, submandibular gland hypertrophy, and cervical band formation. In addition, if the primary face lift was limited and consisted of skin excision and skin tightening only, Dr. Hughes performs a deeper, longer lasting facelift. Dr. Hughes can also address scar and hair malposition issues. Windblown looks can be addressed as well. Pixy ears, where the ear lobes are pulled too far inferiorly, can be remedied as well.

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