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Liposuction Article 6

Postoperative Management in Liposuction

Many of the goals of postoperative management include avoiding complications and following protocols established. Many of these items have already been discussed in previous articles. The most critical issue of postoperative management is the consistent wearing of the compression garment for 4 to 6 weeks.

Wearing this garment snugly as directed 24 hours a day 7 days a week for at least 4 weeks is critical to your success and your long-term result. If you are a patient who is only interested in a little liposuction or a small area, your risk for seroma or fluid collection formation and subsequent contour irregularity is very small. Dr. Kenneth Hughes‘s unique ability to liposuction the fat in a very uniform fashion is your best defense against fluid collections and contour irregularities.

Patients frequently want a dramatic result (otherwise “Why do the surgery?” some patients often ask). Therefore, patients are requesting up to 5 liters of fat to be removed covering a large surface area of the body. The greater the area liposuctioned the more potential for fluid collections and the greater the necessity to keep the skin flap adherent to the abdominal wall with the compression garment. The more times a large fluid collection needs to be drained, the worse the result. The less time that a patient wears the garment or does not wear it as instructed, the worse the result. In no other cosmetic surgery procedure is the participation of the patient as critical postoperatively as it is with liposuction. If you do as you are instructed, you will be fabulously happy with the liposuction result.