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The Brow Lift for Men

For most men, signs of aging start showing up prominently on the face in two ways. Male-pattern baldness is one way, and the other is the drooping of the skin of the forehead and brow.

Male-pattern baldness – also called androgenic alopecia – opens up the face and makes the forehead look large. When the forehead and brows begin to droop, it can result in lasting changes in one’s facial expression; it can make a person’s face fixed in a permanent scowl or leave the person looking constantly sad and worried.

Brow Lift Surgeries for Men

There is an immediate and marked difference in the way the male brow takes its form as opposed to the female brow. Men’s browlines are typically lower in placement than women’s. That is why even small changes in the way the brows sit on the face can dramatically change the way the person’s face appears. Even the face and skull of a man is slightly different from that of a woman.

Because of this, brow lift surgery is performer slightly differently for men and women. Male patients benefit from the brow being lifted to the level of the supraorbital rim, which is the noticeable bump in the skull above the eyes, near the forehead. Female patients typically prefer the brow above the supraorbital rim.

Types of Brow Lift Techniques

There are five major types of brow lift techniques: coronal, endoscopic, direct, temporal, and internal brow pexy.

Coronal: Coronal brow lifts, also known as traditional brow lifts, involve one incision made just below the hairline from ear to ear. Excess tissue, fat, and skin is removed, smoothing out and lifting the brow and forehead. Incisions are then closed using stitches.

Internal Brow Pexy: This technique is ideal for achieving a subtle lift of the brow and restoring brow symmetry. It may be paired with upper blepharoplasty surgery.

Direct: Harsh lines in the forehead can be smoothed away with this method. It involves the creation of a short incision at the top of each eyebrow. Muscle tissue and skin is then removed, followed by closure of the incisions with stitches.

Endoscopic: This technique is less invasive and more state-of-the-art than the traditional lift. Three small incisions are made just above the hairline, and small instruments are inserted through them. Using these instruments, the surgeon is able to remove tissue. Its results are comparable to the coronal method, and recovery is shorter.

Temporal: For the temporal brow lift, a short cut is made within the hairline, and the brow lift is carried out through it. This procedure addresses lateral hooding of the brow and is not meant to erase forehead lines or lift the entirety of the brow area.

Find the Right Technique for You

During a consultation with Dr. Kenneth Hughes, an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon, you will learn more about your brow lift technique options. Dr. Hughes will recommend the ideal technique to help you achieve the results you desire. Get started today – contact us and arrange a consultation.