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Month: May 2021

Why Did The CDC Feel Compelled to Rescind Mask Mandate?

It does not have to be reiterated again the massive loss of life that has occurred due to the novel coronavirus over the past year has been staggering.  The better part of a million people are gone due to the novel coronavirus.  Now that the United States has largely...

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Problematic Tummy Tuck Patients

Problems That Cannot be Overcome in Some Tummy Tuck Patients Some patients who seek out tummy tuck to improve abdominal contours have anatomic or previous surgical considerations that cannot be overcome.  Some tummy tuck candidates may need to revise their thinking...

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What to Do with Bad Patients Who Try to Extort?

Plastic surgeons deal with a large group of patients who are largely dissatisfied with how they look. These patients are disappointed with what they see in the mirror, and they are seeking out the plastic surgeon who can make them look and feel better. However, the...

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The Problem with Genius in Plastic Surgery

The problem with genius in plastic surgery or in any scientific field is that it goes largely unrecognized by the general public. Even contemporaries overlook genius due to jealousy or similar human interest or self preservation. Plastic surgery is a seemingly...

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