Kenneth Hughes, M.D., Harvard Trained, Board Certified Plastic SurgeonHarvard Club of Southern California Member
Harvard Alumni Association Member
Minimally Invasive Technology, Maximal Results
Silicone Injections and Bio Polymer Removal Expert
BodyTite/FaceTite – 40% Skin Tightening – Great Results WITHOUT the SCARS
Fractora – #1 FDA approved for wrinkles and acne scarring (greater results, less downtime) even for DARKER SKIN

Our Facility

In 2015, Dr. Hughes acquired property to build his new office and surgery center in Los Angeles. Dr. Hughes’s surgery center was built from the ground up. The previous structures at the Los Angeles location were demolished, and Dr. Hughes started with a steel frame foundation that will withstand any earthquake. Dr. Hughes then brought in a contracting team and architect to build the finest space to exceed all technical, electrical, and safety standards. The circulatory system in the surgery center involves two air handlers that create a vacuum seal for the operating room and a separate air flow for the rest of the office. This is unique as many hospitals do not have dedicated air handlers to all operating rooms. This would be burdensome and too expensive in almost all cases. Dr. Hughes spared no expense for the very best at his surgery center.

All of the gases used in the operating room are piped from contained, fireproof, and explosion resistant vaults unlike in many surgery centers where oxygen and nitrous oxide canisters are within the operating room. The electrical system adheres to all modern specs and is completely energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Dr. Hughes not only has the best and newest equipment in his operating room and recovery areas, but he has backups for virtually everything. He has a brand new anesthesia machine for the rarest situation that an anesthesia machine became defunct, nonfunctional, or dead during any operation. This other anesthesia machine can simply be rolled in and connected in a few minutes. Dr. Hughes also has an additional, full functional operating table within the office that can be used if there is any problem with the current operating table. If the power to the city is lost or turned off, the surgery center has the ability to operate for 6 to 8 additional hours without disruption. The surgery center has multiple new defibrillators, which are checked daily for functionality. Dr. Hughes has crash cart medications that are up to date and checked daily. The center also has duplicate medications for the rare instance that all of the medications are used on one day.

Dr. Hughes also uses board certified, hospital staff anesthesiologists in a rotation of five individuals to provide the highest level of care possible along with potential overlap in personnel if necessary. These individuals are all experienced and highly skilled and are capable of managing any high stress situation. They have experience in emergency and critical care situations and preserve their skills by retaining their hospital positions, performing codes for patients at risk of death from heart attack, stroke, or embolus who require ACLS (advance cardiac life support) and beyond.

The surgery center and office are cleaned daily by a contracted cleaning team that assures utmost adherence to infectious protocols. This is after our surgical staff clean all instruments, equipment, operating table, floors, walls, lights, and ceilings. In addition, all equipment is maintained and inspected by the professionals at AKW.

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State of the Art Operating Room 300 square feet

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