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Labiaplasty Los Angeles, CA

Hughes Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills provides female rejuvenation procedures. Some of these procedures are referred to by various names, labiaplasty, labial rejuvenation, vaginaplasty, vaginal rejuvenation, among others. There is an increasing trend in women voicing concerns about the appearance of their genitalia.

The mons pubis (pubic mound), the labia majora, and labia minora may all be areas that are amenable to improvement. Mons liposuction can be important adjunct to improve the fullness of the pubic region. The labia majora are sometimes addressed with there is an issue of deflation or perception of them being bulky. The labia minora are most frequently addressed due to concerns of enlargement.

Some women experience discomfort during sex or physical activity from enlarged labia, while some women want the appearance of the labia refined. Whatever the reason, Dr. Hughes can reduce and reshape the labia to produce a more refined look to the labia in a simple outpatient procedure.

There are two basic variations of the labiaplasty, the trim method and the wedge method. Dr. Hughes performs both types and allows the patient to decide based upon what appearance she would like to have. The trim method involves removing the outer edge of the labia to reduce it. Thus, in this method, the pigmented border is partially or completely removed. A small cuff of labial tissue is always preserved in either method, usually 7 or 8 mm. The trim method is closed in very precise fashion to prevent scalloping or unevenness.

The wedge method preserves the natural border of the labia and thus retains the hyperpigmented border. This method involves removing an internal wedge of tissue to reduce the size of the labia. Though the risk for separation in this method is higher, the border is smooth as this method preserves the natural border.

In addition, the clitoral hood can reduced as well if indicated. This can be performed in several ways depending upon the amount of laxity and the location of laxity.

The procedure takes about 1 hour to perform and the recovery is usually uneventful. Patients must refrain from intercourse, strenuous physical activity, and vigorous cleansing during the first 4 to 6 weeks after surgery to prevent suture line disruption and opening of the incisions.

Please see the photo galleries for the labial rejuvenation

Labiaplasty is frequently combined with vaginaplasty. The vaginal rejuvenation procedure has become a more popular procedure in recent years as patients have become more comfortable with expressing their concerns about the vagina. Dr. Hughes can provide a solution to perceived laxity or looseness of the vagina experienced by the patient.

It is a relatively short outpatient procedure aimed at tightening loose vaginal tissues with no visible scars. Patients report improved experience during sex and better self esteem.

In general, this rejuvenation procedure is not intended to treat incontinence. Other anatomic abnormalities including rectocele may preclude performing the vaginal rejuvenation procedure. Dr. Hughes can determine and help explain some of these relevant anatomic considerations during your consultation.

Patients must refrain from intercourse, strenuous physical activity, and vigorous cleansing during the first 6 weeks after surgery to prevent suture line disruption, opening of the incisions, and bleeding.

Please see the photo galleries for the vaginal rejuvenation before and after pictures.

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