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Breast ReductionDr. Hughes has performed hundreds of breast reductions.   Though breast reductions are not as popular as breast augmentations and breast lifts, cosmetic breast reductions require a great deal of skill to perform. Dr. Hughes offers breast reduction surgery to women suffering from back and neck pain secondary to large breasts. The procedure not only reduces the size of the breasts but serves to lift the breasts as well.  Thus, a board certified plastic surgeon who is an expert at breast lift surgery as well as breast reduction surgery will be able to produce the best cosmetic result for breast reduction surgery.

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Types of Breast Reduction Techniques

The most common breast reduction procedure typically requires a Wise pattern skin removal pattern to lift the breast. This is referred to as an anchor lift or inverted T lift. See breast reduction before and after photo galleries to gain a sense of the scar pattern.  Some smaller breast reduction procedures can be performed with smaller excision patterns.  Dr. Hughes can frequently perform breast reductions with a lollipop or vertical breast lift pattern to spare more extensive scarring.  Dr. Hughes has also produced breast lift results without the vertical scar in appropriate patients.

Some patients may ask about liposuction of large breasts, but this is wholly ineffective in lifting the breasts.  Liposuction of the fat in the breasts will only lead to further drooping and does not result in the skin envelope tightening.

Secondly, liposuction can only remove fat, and, because the density of breast tissue is much greater than fat, breast tissue cannot be removed by the liposuction cannula.  Breast tissue can only be cut out or excised.  Thus, incisions should be made to make any meaningful reduction in breast tissue.

However, Dr. Hughes minimizes the scar pattern to any extent possible.  In fact, Dr. Hughes reserves the anchor skin pattern for larger reductions so that he can tighten the skin envelope to the maximal extent possible and remove the most tissue possible.  Dr. Hughes can reduce most any size breast to a C or a D cup.  It is always important to remember body dimensions in breast reduction and not reduce a woman’s breasts to make her disproportionately small.

Dr. Hughes has revised many breast reductions in which too much tissue was taken and it is always better to get the surgery as close to perfect the first time.


The Surgery Itself


The breast reduction procedure takes between two and three hours to perform. Patients go home the same day. Dr. Hughes does not use drainage tubes.


Follow-up and Recovery Following Breast Reduction


Patients follow up within 7 days. Pain is minimal, and patients can go back to work in 3 or 4 days.  Patients should avoid strenuous activity or exercise for at least 6 weeks.  Incisions should be left dry and not altered to ensure the best possible scarring.  Patients who perform too much activity or who stretch or place tension on the incisions may open the incisions, which can result in a much wider scar or poor shape (which can necessitate a revision).


Complications Following Breast Reduction Surgery


Nipple-areolar necrosis (the death of part or all of the nipple-areolar complex (NAC)) is the complication which can create the most difficult issues for reconstruction.   This is due to violation or reduction of the blood supply and the subsequent death of that tissue.  Dr. Hughes has not encountered even a partial nipple areolar necrosis in hundreds of these procedures.

The most common issues after breast reduction or breast lift involve wound healing issues such as wound separation or scar widening.   It is imperative to follow Dr. Hughes’s instructions to avoid these types of complications.

Changes in sensitivity can occur as well, but this occurs in less than 1% of patients in Dr. Hughes’s experience.


Breast Reduction Before & After

Breast Reduction


Dr. Hughes has performed hundreds of breast reductions. Though breast reductions are not as popular as breast augmentations and breast lifts, cosmetic breast reductions require a great deal of skill to perform.

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