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Mini Facelift Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, CA

Mini Facelift Los Angeles & Beverly Hills with Dr. Kenneth Hughes

Dr. Kenneth Hughes performs many variants of the facelift including the minifacelift in Los Angeles.  A mini facelift can be a very effective operation as long as patients have realistic expectations, and they have the appropriate anatomy for which the surgery is designed to improve.  The areas that typically are addressed with the mini facelift include the jawline and the jowl area with minimal improvement in the neck.



The incision is small in length and made around the ear and does not extend into the hairline from the front or the back.



This surgery can be performed with local anesthesia or with local anesthesia and sedation.

The time for the surgery is approximately two hours or less.



The patient should not expect the neck to be significantly improved with a mini facelift alone. In order to improve the neck substantially, a lower face and neck lift must be performed that includes dissection of the skin underneath the chin and into the neck from both sides.  Dr. Kenneth Hughes in Los Angeles is a short scar facelift expert who can perform the entire lower face and neck lift through the same length incisions as the minifacelift.


Decreased Downtime and Recovery with MiniFacelift

However the mini facelift offers the advantages of decreased downtime and shorter recovery.  This can be a very effective tool for a patient looking to create a more youthful but natural appearance.


Dr. Kenneth Hughes has extensive training in all variants of facelifts and minifacelifts as well as facelift revisions due to his extensive aesthetic training during his fellowship at Harvard Medical School at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital.  In addition, Dr. Kenneth Hughes has developed his own specialized anchoring techniques of facelift flaps which produce more dramatic and more youthful jawline and neck results as well as more longer lasting results.

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After searching for months for the perfect Dr, I came across Dr Hughes. He's so kind and honest! He responds to all my emails within a short period of time. (I send him a lot of questions, trust me) I'm 5'3 about 115. Pretty petite frame but he was able to put 960 cc into each cheek and also added some fat into my hips. Which I think is ammmmazing. I didn't think I had that much fat for him to transfer. With the aggressive lipo he is known for I had very little bruising and I felt fine 3 days post op! I'm so in love with my new butt and tiny waist, it's perfect!