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Male Face & Neck Lift Los Angeles and Beverly Hills, CA

Dr. Hughes has performed hundreds of face and neck lifts, and he has developed a variety of short scar techniques, which make it very difficult to determine if anything has been done. The results can be dramatic or subtle, but they are always natural and always tailored to meet the needs of the individual whether they hail from Los Angeles or Boston, Beverly Hills or Pittsburgh.

Dr. Hughes typically makes only an incision hidden around the ear (periauricular incision). The incision does not extend into the forehead or into the hairline.
The hairlines are not shifted as you may see in other facelifts. Dr. Hughes is able to get natural results without giving away that something has been done. Many famous models, actors, and personalities have had facelifts — some are easy to identify, and some are not.

Look at the photo galleries of facelifts and see for yourself. The cheeks are natural as are the necks and jowls. The scars are imperceptible. The ears appear unaltered. There is no wind tunnel look, and Dr. Hughes’s patients do not appear pulled or frozen.

Typical recovery is about 1 week of bruising and swelling, which varies from person to person. There is very little pain associated with the procedure. Complications are relatively rare and will be explained in detail during your consultation with Dr. Hughes.

Frequently, people with signs of facial aging want to address their wrinkles or folds, particularly the nasolabial folds and marionette lines. Dr. Hughes offers both fillers (Restylane, Radiesse, Juvederm) for these, which are temporary, and facial fat grafting, which is largely permanent.

In addition, Dr. Hughes may recommend upper and lower eyelid surgery (or upper and lower blepharoplasties) or a brow lift to complete your transformation. A little or a lot, Dr. Hughes can satisfy your desires.

Male Face & Neck Lift Before & After

Male Face and Neck Lift


Dr. Hughes has performed hundreds of face and neck lifts, and he has developed a variety of short scar techniques, which make it very difficult to determine if anything has been done.

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How Much Does Male Face & Neck Lift Cost?

The total cost of Male Face & Neck Lift surgery in Los Angeles is determined based on factors like your medical examinations, surgeon’s fee, hospital charges, post-surgery garments, and anesthesia. The exact techniques used will also impact cost, as will the total time needed to perform the surgery.


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As one of the most well-regarded plastic surgeons performing Male Face & Neck Lift in Los Angeles, Dr. Kenneth Hughes is here to answer all your questions about Male Face & Neck Lift. To confirm whether you are an ideal candidate for Male Face & Neck Lift, contact us today to schedule your in-person consultation.

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After searching for months for the perfect Dr, I came across Dr Hughes. He's so kind and honest! He responds to all my emails within a short period of time. (I send him a lot of questions, trust me) I'm 5'3 about 115. Pretty petite frame but he was able to put 960 cc into each cheek and also added some fat into my hips. Which I think is ammmmazing. I didn't think I had that much fat for him to transfer. With the aggressive lipo he is known for I had very little bruising and I felt fine 3 days post op! I'm so in love with my new butt and tiny waist, it's perfect!